We are a community of exceptional kids. 
Please read our Codes of Practice before continuing on:

  1. We are all children at heart. We get to make our own rules. Let’s build the life we’ve dreamed of. 
  2. Exceptional young people should be connected. Together, they set the bar of what life, career, and ambition can be.
  3. The only path you must follow is your own - the world has enough followers.
  4. Remake the world in your image. Redefine what it means to succeed. 
  5. Capitalism is a means not an end - see it as a tool to build the world and life you envision. 
  6. Allow people to be authentic, vulnerable, and receive support from each other they couldn’t get anywhere else.
  7. Be honest and authentic - the truth compounds on itself and creates unique value.
  8. In-person connection builds human connection. Watered down, “scaleable” online communities must be avoided at all costs.
  9. Community unlocks genius. The lone genius is a myth - find the heaviest hitters and align them.
  10. Set the bar for what is possible - age is just a number. Do more than anyone ever thought possible.
  11. Seek to grow and know great people. At some point, what you will be able to accomplish will be limited by who you know. 
  12. Understand the goals of others and help them get there - do not exploit, it never works long term. Play positive-sum games.
  13. Only trust those who build beautiful things. The world needs more beauty and you can affect it. 
  14. Study and research community. How do we achieve more together?